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Make a Water Scope


Make a Water Scope

[25 Minutes]

Your child will be fascinated by the underwater life discovered when using a water scope.

You'll need:

• a large tin can (a coffee can is perfect) • heavy, clear plastic wrap or plastic bags • scissors • large, heavy rubber bands • can opener (Adult Use Only) • hammer and/or heavy tape

What to do:

  1. Remove both the top and bottom of the can (be careful of sharp edges). Pound the edges smooth with a hammer or cover with heavy tape.
  2. Cut the clear plastic into pieces that are large enough to cover the openings with two inches overlapping the sides.
  3. Let your child help you put the plastic over the top of the can and secure in place with a rubber band.

How to use:

  1. Encourage your child to kneel on the edge of a pond or tide pool and put the plastic covered end of the can in the water. Supervise your child at all times.
  2. She can look through the open end at all of the plants and animals.
  3. Remind her to look carefully for snails, minnows, tadpoles, and more.

Let's Talk: Ideas to Explore Together.

  • Did you discover any animals or plants that are new to you?
  • Did the water scope make it easier to see what is under the water?

Useful information:

While you are having fun together, your child is developing observational skills and concepts related to nature.

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