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Trendy Tile Frames


Trendy Tile Frames

[40 Minutes]

Tiles have been used since ancient times. Tile roofs were used in ancient Greece, mosaic tile floors were used in 12th century France, and tile walls were used in ancient Mesopotamia, Assyria, and Babylonia. Use modern day tiles to create interesting picture frames.

You'll need:

• photograph • square tiles (remnants from your house, or check your local tile store, they will often give away remnants) • scissors • spray photograph adhesive, (Read warning on packaging.) • damp cloth • paintbrush • tile paint • decorative trim (thin braids, colored gems, whatever you may have at home) • craft glue • adhesive picture hanger • picture corners (optional)

What to do:

  1. If possible, print out these directions. Read them through with your child before you begin.
  2. With your child, gather everything you'll need.
  3. Together, choose the photo you will be framing. Cut it to the desired size. You will want to leave a tile border around the picture.
  4. Let your child mark the border with a light pencil line. Encourage her to decorate the border as she wishes.
  5. She may also wish to paint a design on the tile borders or she could also glue on decorative braided trim.
  6. Using spray photographic adhesive, spray the back of the photo and center it on the tile.
  7. With a damp cloth, show her how to wipe off any excess spray. Let dry.
  8. The picture could be attached with photo corners instead. This way the picture can be changed.
  9. Attach an adhesive hanger to the back. Together, decide where you will hang the picture for everyone to see.

How to use:

Tile frames can also be given as gifts.

Let's Talk: Ideas to Explore Together.

  • Which photographs would you like to use? Why did you choose these photographs?
  • Why do you think we frame pictures?

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