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Body Part Action Song


Body Part Action Song

[15 Minutes]

Try this body part action song and help your child learn the names of body parts and do some creative thinking as well!

What to do:

  1. Invite your child to exercise with you. As you work out together, teach her this song (Tune: "Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush"):
    This is the way my eyes can move,
    Eyes can move,
    Eyes can move,
    This is the way my eyes can move
    On a sunny morning.(Or choose your own ending!)
  2. Continue together with all parts of the body--arms, legs, fingers, toes, knees, elbows, and so on.

How to use:

Let your child think of ways different people move doing specific actions. (For example: This is the way the baker moves...when he rolls out dough!)

Let's Talk: Ideas to Explore Together.

  • What parts of the body did we move? How did we move them?
  • Would you like to enjoy this song with some friends?

Useful information:

While you are having fun together, this activity helps your child develop body awareness, large muscle skills and language skills.

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