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Blue Straw Painting


Blue Straw Painting

[30 Minutes]

Save a plastic straw from lunch out with your child to use at home to make bursts of color on paper. He will enjoy this new way of "painting"!

You'll need:

• glue • paper cups • construction paper • newspaper • drinking straw • plastic spoon • water • blue tempera paint • optional: salt

What to do:

  1. To make paint mix: 2 parts colored paint, 1 part glue, 2 drops water. Put it into the cup.
  2. Put paper on newspaper.
  3. Put a spoonful of paint near the middle of the paper.
  4. Show your child how to blow through (not suck) the straw directly over paint to make bursts of color.
  5. Repeat to make several bursts on the page. Talk about the color as your child works.
  6. If he wishes, show your child how to sprinkle a little salt over the wet paint and set aside to dry.
  7. Later, talk with your child about his picture and decide where to hang it up.
  8. On other days, mix blue and white or red paint to make different shades and colors to use on the picture.

Let's Talk: Ideas to Explore Together.

  • What color(s) is your picture?
  • What do you put on the paint to make it sparkle?
  • I like this picture. Do you like it too? Who do you want to show it to?

Useful information:

While you are having fun together, your child is developing a new art technique and an understanding of color.

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