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Froggy Gets Dressed


Froggy Gets Dressed

by Jonathan London
Puffin Books

Froggy wakes up while it's snowing and gets dressed to go out and play. Each time Froggy gets outside, his mother calls "Frrrooggyy!" to remind him of something he forgot to wear. Froggy hops back into the house, gets undressed, redresses with the missing article of clothing, then hops back outside. After his mother calls to tell him forgot his underwear, Froggy is so exhausted that he climbs back into bed to sleep for the rest of winter. The silly sounds punctuating Froggy getting dressed will have toddlers in stitches.


Let's Talk:

Ideas to Explore Together

Before you read: In what season does this story take place? How can you tell?

As you read: What do you think Froggy forgot to put on this time?

After you read: What do you like to do in the winter? What clothes do you have to put on in the cold weather?


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