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Like Father, Like Son

TONY, age: 14
Recently, I started smoking. It relaxes me. My dad has always smoked and I can’t believe he’s mad at me for doing it.

I started smoking when I was Tony’s age. I guess I started to rebel and because my friends were doing it. I am upset that my son has started smoking, but I feel like a hypocrite telling him to stop.

Tony, quit while you can! Smoking will reduce your quality of life and may even shorten the quantity of it. If you need to relax, try exercise or reading.

Mitchell, it’s interesting, some kids who see their parents smoke are so sickened by it, and they become determined never to start themselves. Others, given the first opportunity, view their parents’ smoking habit as their green light to proceed.

No need to shy away from this topic let your son know you disapprove of him smoking. Share your regretful insight of addiction, monetary expense and health risks. If your son challenges your example, consider taking this opportunity to cut back your smoking. The truth is, it will be easier for your son to quit before he’s totally hooked than for you to do it, but at least you could be in it together. Good luck!

Louise Hajjar Diamond has been a guidance counselor for twelve years. She is also a freelance writer and mother of two.

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