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Corduroy's Trick-or-Treat


Corduroy's Trick-or-Treat

by Don Freeman
Viking Childrens Books

Don Freeman's classic Corduroy comes back to haunt us in this slight, novelty board book illustrated by Lisa McCue. Corduroy (dressed as a pirate) attends a Halloween party with his friend, but it's not at all scary--they play pin the tail on the black cat, eat creepy cupcakes and candy corn, paint a pumpkin, and go trick-or-treating. The Halloween basics--haunted houses, bats, ghosts, candy, costumes--are all represented in this fluffy little gift book for the very young goblin.


Let's Talk:

Ideas to Explore Together

Before you read: What is Corduroy sitting in?

As you read: Corduroy is dressed up as a pirate. What will you be for Halloween?

After you read: The pumpkin is orange. Can you find something in this room that is orange?


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