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Yoga Planes


Yoga Planes

[5 Minutes]

Yoga is a form of controlled movement that involves both the mind and body. It originated in the Far East, but is very popular today in all parts of the world. Yoga planes help strengthen back muscles and improve balance.

What to do:

  1. If possible print out these directions. Read them through before you begin.
  2. Begin by holding onto another person for balance.
  3. Standing on your left leg, bring your right leg straight out behind you along with your right arm.
  4. Bring your left arm straight out in front of you.
  5. Alternate legs by standing on your right leg and bringing your left leg straight out behind you, along with your left arm.
  6. Bring your right arm straight out in front of you.
  7. Keep alternating sides.
  8. Do 15 planes on each side.
  9. As you improve your balance, you may want to try this without holding onto someone.

Useful information:

At first, I was a little wobbly. My dad helped steady me. Now I can do yoga planes without holding onto anyone. It is a really good feeling. I feel all stretched out. (Erica, age 14)

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